Who We Are?

Young and Gifted International is a movement, concept, brand and platform entrusted with a lifesaving, live changing, vision and committed to a mission of youth’s and individual’s development, discipline, social involvement and leadership development. We aim at reaching out to people everywhere; working together with local and other related partners to raise the youths leads by individuals with the minds of changing one’s life godliness in life style, passion for sharing the love of good life, devotion to life changing events and committed to social and career development/ involvement.

            We also strive towards the holistic development of every young person in every aspect of their lives- mental, social, spiritual and physical. We therefore welcome any opportunity that would attract and engage young people in order to impact their lives positively.

Our Mission

To create platforms and awareness that will help youths and every individual to identify and maximize their talents, potential and fulfill their purpose in life in spite of limitations and barriers along the way through our various life changing activities/ programmes.

To see that every youths/individuals we come in contact with are positively inspired for greatness through our life changing activities /programmes.

Extraordinary Experiences

  • Talent/career guidance: to identify various talents and help youths/participants to develop full potential.
  • Discipleship: Training and educating the youths/participants to develop good character and lifestyle.
  • Leadership development: Developing the leadership potentials of the youths/participants in order for them to become credible leaders of their generation.
  • Social involvement: Teaching and empowering youths/participants to be socially responsible and to positively impact their friends, peers and the larger society.

Organizing events, campaign and activities on issues that are affecting the youths and the society at large

  • To campaign against any negative act the will have adverse effect on the youths.
  • To encourage the youths to have a good relationship with each other regardless of religion, ethnic and tribe.
  • To make the youths united through our life touching activities.

Our Core Values

YnG is actually developed to get the youths and every individual empowered through the following:

  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Activities
  • Synergy